Under the hood

Brewbot is a mix of both hardware and software, providing a complete brewing setup out of the box. Using your WiFi network to connect to the internet, Brewbot becomes connected to your smartphone and the rest of the community.

Brewbot Core is the embedded brain that communicates with both the app and an array of sensors. Core talks to your smartphone, providing you with the information you need, when you need it. Brewing just got a whole lot smarter.

Say hello to your new favourite appliance. — Wired

Specifications *
  • Dimensions: 1193mm x 1230mm x 480mm
  • Voltage Input: 220/230v
  • Power Rating: 3KW
  • Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n
  • Output Volume: 25 litres
  • Brew time: 5-8 hours
  • Brewbot
  • Ingredients for your first brew
  • Full brewing kit and cleaning kit
  • Digital scales
  • Manual
  • Brewbot iOS app
  • With recipes from breweries like; Russian River, Stone Brewing, Brooklyn Brewery and many more.
* Specifications can change from now until your unit is ready to ship but we’ll notify you of any changes.

Customise your Brewbot

Create your very own Brewbot. Our customisation options are basically endless. Whether it’s a simple engraving of your company’s logo or a Victorian copper-plated steampunk brewing machine, we’re happy to help you out. Register your interest below and we'll be in touch.